Saturday, 24 May 2014

DIY Sneak Peak

Hey All so as you know I have sold one of my condos and am moving back to my other one. I am wanting to go for a much different feel in my New/Old condo.I have some Ikea book Shelves that instead of buying new as there is really nothing wrong other than the color with my current shelves. I have decided to tackle a DIY project and paint them.
Now if anyone has experienced the Love/Hate I have with Ikea you will know what I am talking about here. These shelves are made not from wood but more particle board with a veneer so to paint it is not as simple as picking up a paint brush and going at it. Oh nay, nay there is much Googleing and prep involved:)

So I wanted to give you guys a sneak peak of the Primed shelves. Stay tuned hopefully by next week I will have these bad boys finished up and will give you a play by play on how easy or Pain in the a** it was:)

Have a great Weekend!

This was the standard Black/Brown color from Ikea and this is it Primed
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Monday, 14 April 2014

New Condo

Hey All sorry trying to get back into the groove of doing posts and I thought what better way to get back into it then when I am about to sell one of my Condos and move into a new one.
I am searching for some Inspiration right now as I want a totally different feel this time around:) I mean why do the same thing right! so I am going more on the cool side with Whites and Grey's. This is what I have narrowed it down to.

Also I found a great idea on Pinterest of course, that I want to try out, I want to try an Ombre wall in the above palette of course not the yellow.
The condo that I am selling currently my Contractor/Dad and I did a beautiful Stripe as a feature wall (Pics to come) it was tone on tone but I did matte and glossy so that was the only difference I love it and have not tired of it yet, and so now I want to try this at the new place.
Check out what I am thinking for style  compliments of Pinterest

Love everything about these! The use of simple clean whites with Grey's, but that is doesn't feel cold. All the fabric is lush but casual at the same time giving it a very cozy feel.

Love these Sofa's as well. I have been on the hunt for the perfect one the past week

Then there are the table ideas and I really, really want to try to do the one that is made from Palettes


Keep checking in for updates on the new place and updates on the old one selling including pics of the before and after

Thx a bunch

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I'm Back

Hello All well I am finally back! been a very busy girl and continue to be but am really trying to make more time to update and chat about all the things I love and am doing.

Here is what I have been up to lately:

The new show room is almost finished which is fantastic I will post a few before and after pics in the next week, can't give it all away to you at once:)

This was the lovely front entry I guess you could call it "Show Room" when we took this building over.

Reception area in show room with some offices


The office area

That being said here is a sneak pic at what the new show room looks like and stay tuned for more pics to come of this space. It was a long process and was so awesome for me to have the oppurtunity to design and manage I learned a lot.

and just cause I had so much time on my hands and was feeling a bit board my Dad and I decided to open a Food Truck here in Calgary yup yup we did here are some pics of our River Boat Queen

This was our opening Day we held a little shindig at Graniteworx and here we are three Generations:) now come on how cut is my Grandma. It has been a blast right from the start when I got to design and play with the wrap for the truck. It is definitely hard work for Dad and I but is also so much fun. We are so greatful to everyone who has supported us and helped out, we have been shown so much love and gotten so much positive feedback. We have recently been approached by a few tv shows and magazines so look for great things to still come from us.  It's going to be a great summer.

Monday, 27 August 2012

The hunt and the treasures

I am in the process of doing a Coffee Shop renovation well kind of. It was a clothing store and we are turning it into a coffee shop. I have decided to go Vintage looking with a Shabby Chick sort of feel.

I was on the hunt for some great unique pieces and look at the goodies I stumbled upon.

This is a old Lobster trap, simple but would add character to any home or cabin

This is a Vintage coffee container..uh helllooo so perfect 

Wash Basin with the perfect amount of age and patina to it, not going to lie kind of wanted to keep this one for myself would look great at my door with some flowers in it.

Oil Canister maybe?

I am obsessed with crates and boxes stack them, use them I just love, love, love

Vintage scale now this one I am upset I did not buy because sadly it is gone and would look great in any style of kitchen, but especially mine since it's more show than anything these days! I loved the color and detail and after all the years it still worked.

Yup this is a Laundry machine, not ideal for my 52 Pairs of jeans:)
Stay tuned for more good finds