Thursday, 26 May 2011

New Stones

Check out my babies:) These are some more of the stones that I got to hand pick on our Italy trip last September. They are just now ready to be shipped, we should receive them in about 4 weeks. So excited they are gorgeous!
The first picture below is called Farfalla Blue it is actually granite that has been etched on a water jet to make the beautiful pattern.

                                          Labaradorite Bianca
               Onice Fantastico - this can be back lit!

          Sahara Noir - Marble

   Stone Wood - This is almost a granite sandstone mix

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


So as you all know I am working on the Design of our new show room, which we have decided is going to include a couple bathrooms that we are going to make into spectacular features. I am now on the hunt for that perfect wallpaper and thanks to Melissa from Veranda I found this website that has some great options, the biggest problem is going to be actually picking one.
Check out some of the samples that I have ordered. I'm sure you will notice that most of them are Black or White with hints of color. The First sample below is the exception.

All samples above are complements of

Any Favorites?

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New show Room

Sorry all have been crazy busy trying to get drawings, permits, and selections all done for our new Show room. It's getting closer and REALLY exciting. Stay tuned I will be posting some pictures tomorrow of possible selections

Monday, 9 May 2011

Weekend of Antique and Vintage Furniture Hunting

Well..... did I ever have a fun weekend. I spent my Saturday rummaging through Calgary and surrounding areas Antique stores, looking for some particular furniture pieces. I am happy to say my time was not waisted as I found some fantastic finds and some new favorite stores.

There is a new Antique store just off of Blackfoot the name is Inside Antiques 3419 8th Street SE. Some great finds then there was a place in Airdrie that I must confess was my favorite and I could spend well let me correct myself,  I did spend hours there admiring all the beautiful pieces.This one is located at 325 Edmonton Trail SE in Airdrie.
Have a peak at some of my great finds.

I purchased the trunk for a client of mine and he loved it so all in all good weekend:)

Hope everyone else had a great weekend and for all you Mom's out tehre and fantastic Mother's Day

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Calgary Housing

I thought I would just post some house's I think are beautiful in this lovely City of ours. I was out walking on Sunday as Mother Nature was pretending that spring is here with the one day tease of sunshine:)
I noticed that WOW! there are some very beautiful new and old homes, I love how this particular neighbouhood has a fantastic eclectic mix of houses from Modern straight lines, to wrap around Victorian style porches and everything in between I love the combinations.
It was also great becasue as anyone in the Industry knowes we love to see that there are many houses under construction either for a New build or renovations.....keep it up that is what we like to see.

Sorry about the pics they where taken on a very sunny day with my trusty iphone not the best but at least you can admire:)