Monday, 27 August 2012

The hunt and the treasures

I am in the process of doing a Coffee Shop renovation well kind of. It was a clothing store and we are turning it into a coffee shop. I have decided to go Vintage looking with a Shabby Chick sort of feel.

I was on the hunt for some great unique pieces and look at the goodies I stumbled upon.

This is a old Lobster trap, simple but would add character to any home or cabin

This is a Vintage coffee container..uh helllooo so perfect 

Wash Basin with the perfect amount of age and patina to it, not going to lie kind of wanted to keep this one for myself would look great at my door with some flowers in it.

Oil Canister maybe?

I am obsessed with crates and boxes stack them, use them I just love, love, love

Vintage scale now this one I am upset I did not buy because sadly it is gone and would look great in any style of kitchen, but especially mine since it's more show than anything these days! I loved the color and detail and after all the years it still worked.

Yup this is a Laundry machine, not ideal for my 52 Pairs of jeans:)
Stay tuned for more good finds

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Hi there! I’m Joanna. I write for Design Shuffle, a premier website and blog displaying interior designers' work and plenty of "Decorating Ideas" for die-hard design enthusiasts like me.I adore all things design, and luckily, I get to spend every day writing guest posts such as this one. Today, I dropped by Victoria’s lovely blog to share some of my favorite chic rustic rooms with you. Hope you enjoy!

A rustic bedroom in shades of grey is chic and sophisticated with its plush bedding, wood slated walls and floral window treatments.

There’s plenty of space in this rustic loft. The white floors, walls and ceilings give it a Scandinavian feel. I love the eclectic mix of modern and traditional furnishings.

Traditional and rustic mix in this gorgeous living room with rough-hewn floors, beamed ceilings and arched French doors. Contemporary art hangs above the fireplace offering the only spot of color in the room--except for the vase of flowers, of course.
This one should go straight to the rustic living room designs file.

This dining room is adjacent to the living room above. The light fixture above the table is grand. The space is large enough to entertain large groups of family and friends comfortably.

In this rustic bedroom, a tufted headboard is framed in reclaimed wood which plays nicely off the crisp bedding. The primitive table and bench sit upon rustic flooring and a cowhide rug.

 Filled with interior design ideas, this dining room/library is a favorite of mine. I love the bookshelves from floor to ceiling and the long table surrounded by slip-covered chairs. I can imagine spending hours in here reading or over tea with a friend.

A sun-filled space is ready for a gathering with its table for ten. The contrast between the crystal chandelier and the rustic state of the walls works well to add interest to the space.

I would love to cook up something sweet in this lovely kitchen. The woven beehive pendant lights add texture to the room as do the rustic floorboards.

How do you incorporate rustic style into your designs? Comment below and let us know! And don't forget to check out Design Shuffle's"  for more ideas and inspiration in this style!