Sunday, 26 June 2011

Just another Sunday

Well I did a little retail therapy today. I went to the mall for a simple cover for my new iphone and ended up leaving with two pairs of shoes, three shirts, a beautiful black lace tunic, and a great bag.

Take a peak of some of the goodies.

The above is not the exact top I could not snap a good pic so found this one that is very close. and no none of the above girls are me modeling the cloths:)

There are still many things on my list. My shopping list is like peoples grocery list:) It's updated daily and always end up leaving the store with something I don't need.

Check out these goodies most of which are compliments of Victoria Secret online.

Yes as soon as Canada post strike is over I will be ordering some of these gems:)

Let me know if your looking for anything because I bet you I can find it for you:) It's a gift


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