Monday, 27 June 2011

Tile Tile and more Tile.

I have been looking around trying to get some inspiration for the feature bathrooms we are going to be creating in our new show room. I find in some Commercial spaces these can be the forgotten, created for basic use and that is it, not really esthetically pleasing to the eye. I however would like our washroom's to be an extension of our show room to be able to show case what we can do and what every consumer has dreamed of having. Even if you just take away one thing from our washrooms such as, the tile on the back splash or the stone on the counters that you decide you just have to have. I will be happy:)

As anyone who has looked into doing a renovation project knows, there are a million different selections of tile all ranging in size, color, price, and brand name. Do you pick Glass, Ceramic, Porcelain, natural stone or metal? Well it all depends on the application, area, and most of all what you like.

I wanted to share some of my finds. I am lucky enough to be able to get to attend a lot of the tile and stone shows and see what is out there and be exposed to all of these product lines.  I do however have some favorites that I thought I would share with you.

Artistic Tile I will say I am a bit biased as we have just finalized a new contract with them to start carrying their brand. I am very excited as it was not super easy to make this happen. I believe in their business philosophy and have always been a HUGE fan of their products, and am possibly going to get to take a little trip to NYC for some training and show room snooping:) as I could only display a few of their many product lines feel free to check out their website at

The above is one of my favorites and is on my list to use in one of the bathrooms that is going to have a shower feature as we will be using the slab form of the Calacatta Marble that looks so fantastic with this tile.

The below is now Heath Ceramics which you can check out more at Again a company that I think has a philosophy I can really stand behind. It was founded in the early forties in San Francisco and is still privately owned and operated. Everything is still made by hand and I can tell you as we just ordered some of this for a project in Calgary by the name of  WURST Beerhall. We ordered a Pomegranate tile in 3' x 6". It came in and the color is one of the richest red tones I have ever seen in a tile and I cannot wait to see it installed. I am hoping I will get to use some of their product in the show room and if not in my imaginary beach home I will have some day:)

Now we come to Ann Sacks a name I am sure everyone has heard before. They have and extensive always evolving product line. They are constantly bringing on designers that create their own custom lines. Any show rooms I have had the pleasure of seeing have been absolutely stunning another tile I would love to be able to use sometime for a project. Check out this site as well you will love them all

  Yes the below are tiles. Ann Sacks has these hand made tiles. When creating these they use and Italian Technique called "Sgraffato" which means "to scratch". So no molds are used to create these elaborate designs, I  think they are so unique and would love to be able to incorporate them into a space to add a real touch of hand crafted art.

Tell me which your favorite is

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Just another Sunday

Well I did a little retail therapy today. I went to the mall for a simple cover for my new iphone and ended up leaving with two pairs of shoes, three shirts, a beautiful black lace tunic, and a great bag.

Take a peak of some of the goodies.

The above is not the exact top I could not snap a good pic so found this one that is very close. and no none of the above girls are me modeling the cloths:)

There are still many things on my list. My shopping list is like peoples grocery list:) It's updated daily and always end up leaving the store with something I don't need.

Check out these goodies most of which are compliments of Victoria Secret online.

Yes as soon as Canada post strike is over I will be ordering some of these gems:)

Let me know if your looking for anything because I bet you I can find it for you:) It's a gift