Monday, 26 March 2012


As our show room is getting closer to needing all of the Vignettes, I am a very busy girl. I am trying to find new unique ideas, combinations, and designs to fill these little displays of style.
There are going to be about 20 displays in total. This may not sound like a lot however because each one is it's own, separate room they each need to be completely unique and different from the others, and they are all visible from each other so here is where the challenge lies, in making sure nothing looks repeated or overused. Luckily this is my FAVOURITE thing to do, actually I love it so much I may be slightly neglecting the other areas of my job:) shhhh don't tell
This has been so much fun and I am learning a lot, being able to hone and practice my design skills.
This show room has been my baby for the last year and a half and now we have finally gotten to the fun part!!!, the Design:)
take a look at some of the great finds I came across in my search.

Heath Ceramics check out their site they have such amazing things 

Love the drama of this black tile against the white and stainless

green green everywhere

I have always had a sweet spot for hexagons but I especially love these for their size. You usually do not see them this large, and the color combinations are very unique and add even more character to a classic


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