Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Well hello All, yes I am still alive, I do apologize that I have been MIA it has been very hectic but I think things are back to normal.....ha well normal for me just a bit of kaos not insanity:)

I do have a lot to fill you in on.  This past weekend was my Grandfather's wake, and although it is always sad to lose a loved one my family looked at it more as a celebration of his life and what better way to celebrate then with food:) The event was catered by a Chef and it was fantastic (I may be bias as it is my Father).   Take a peak below!

Yes that is smoked salmon stuffed with cream cheese, radishes made into flowers, Liver pate that was to die for, a mix of fresh veggies, exotic cheeses and delicious  array of meats. There was also the best cookies in the world!!compliments of my Aunt, I'm not kidding BEST IN THE WORLD!

Anyone hungry? Let me know if any of you or your friends is looking for catering or even just some fantastic recipes or new ideas to make your food fun I know a great Chef!


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