Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Today's Fun

Today was a great day!! I got to go and see a home Built by a fellow blogger and customer of mine Melissa and Rob of Veranda Homes.
I always get to see the floor plans and have fun with Melissa picking stone and helping her spend far too much money on full slab showers:) I never actually get to admire the work in person so today I did and I can tell you that if I was building a custom home they would be my pick. Such beautiful custom work!  Melissa who is the designer is so creative and pays such close attention to every detail along the way, so Melissa my hat goes off to you for all your hard work!!!! As a fellow designer I really admire all of your designs and style. I can't wait to see it all done I will definitely be posting some picks of all the gorgeous stone that I got to help out with and all the other finishes that will make this house very original and unique to Veranda.

Oh and did I mention Melissa and I got to go for a couple much needed Bellini's too that never hurts:)


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