Thursday, 2 June 2011

A Little DIY

This past weekend was full of little projects that I have been putting off due to the miserable rain in Calgary, it made me, well probably like everyone else...... laaaazzzyyy.

I found some great pics, a plate for dresser and pillow for my new vintage chair in my bedroom. I am in the process of finishing it now, as I have gotten the three big furniture pieces now so all that is left is some art and  accessories. I got the bed as everyone is aware:) Then I found a Vintage chair and dresser after much searching.
Take a look below of the dresser with the pics and plate.
 Below is a close up of the plate

The next thing I did on my beautiful sunny Sunday is help my Dad with his garden which was fun as always. I just love the beautiful bright flowers of spring, my allergies don't love them but they are just too cheery to pass up.

Then last but not least I needed something for my home office, something that I could use to pin up samples of fabrics and pictures and so forth but I wanted it to double as a piece of art not just some ugly tack board, so I had made some before that friends had purchased from me so I decided to dust off the tools (with the help of my contractor/Dad of course) and make a memory board. The funnest part was buying the fabric:) I bought way too many different kinds so I have decided to make a few extra that I will put for Sale on ETSY.
I will let you all know when they are up for sale so you can check them out. In the meantime take a peak at the one I made for me. I wanted to keep it simple with just the fabric I did not add any button tufting or ribbon but some of the others will have these details.


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