Thursday, 9 June 2011

New Flooring

Well Hello all:)  I think I actually have come to a final decision on what our show room floor is going to be. Now is crunch time for all my selections for the new building. We are in the process of being approved for our permit so construction to start any day now:)

This is the Ocean Blue Travertine brushed finish tile that I fell completely in love with due to it's cool tones but it does have a hint of warm so you could go either way with the design. Melissa from Veranda will see this as familiar as I think if I am not mistaken she used this in her entry way and did an unbelievable chevron pattern.

 The other option is to do the flooring in slabs, the color is called Silver Travertine. Although I adore this one as well and it was my original selection,  I find the batch that we currently have is a bit too warm for me and can cast almost a pink tone which in a show room is not the look I am going for so I am in the process of seeing If I can find a tile that is close to this but a little less pink, in a large format size that I like. I have also contacted our supplier to see what other bundles he has that we may be able to get in time that are more the color I am looking for.

Then we are going to be doing a feature stair case in the show room that will be a mixture of glass with crome hardware and we are going to clad each step in stone it is going to be beautiful. that is why I did not want to do the same stone on the stairs. I have chosen Jura Beige Limestone, for it's more subdued color and pattern but it does have some interest to it so it's subtle but not boring. It is not a high polish, it is almost a brushed texture so it is going to look fantastic with either of these stones and it is practical

Stay tuned form more updates and selections to come:)


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