Saturday, 16 July 2011

Show Room Floor Tile

Well I finally did it! I selected our new office and show room floors.  They started installing the office floor on Wednesday so it is getting exciting.
We decided against tiles for these areas and went with slabs. I mean it only made sense to use what we had in stock and s how off what we can do with slabs.
3/4" Jura Grey slabs cut into 26" x 26" pieces for the individual offices then out in the hall where there is going to be modern cubicle style offices we are going to do a large insert with 3/4" Silver Travertine which will be cut in 8" wide random strips installed on an angel, its not quit herringbone and not quite chevron I will post pictures of this when it is all done.
I have attached a picture below. The piece on the bottom is a piece of the Jura Grey Limestone the piece on the top is the Silver Travertine and the small little piece is the Pewter Grout I'm using.
 The Jura Grey will continue out into the show room but will be random sizes and strips in a random pattern it's going to look great. Then the feature stair case is going to have the treads cladded in the Silver Travertine. The two colors will be tied throughout the space.
Stay tuned for pictures:)


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