Tuesday, 25 October 2011

New and Old

Hello Everyone Long time no blog:)
I want to apologize for being MIA for the past few months...well who am I kidding the past Five months there has just been so much going on but now there is still a lot going on but it is now manageable and I can start back to blogging.
Well in the past five months a lot has happened.
The Show room renovation is really coming along although we are still awaiting our DP from the City which can take about 3 months, the interior stuff is coming along.
I went to New York in September and that helped in making some final decisions on the Design of the Show room and the feature stair case that we are doing. We went on a tile buying trip and were lucky enough to be toured around by our friends at Artistic Tile. Their Manhattan show room is UNBELIEVABLE!
There was just so many design studios and show rooms in New york to admire and collect inspiration from it was a lot to take in, in only three short days but I am so grateful that I got to go and will definitely being going back.

Then on the personal side of life I have bought a new condo:) Yup it was such a great deal and I was very excited to start the DIY reno's, which I can say started a couple weeks ago. My current condo is currently for sale, it has not sold yet but hopefully soon as I do believe it is a beautiful condo and I fell in love with it three shot years a go and know someone else will too. I am hoping to move into the new condo by mid November so if my condo doesn't sell then I will rent it. Here are a couple pics of my current condo that is for Sale just in case you know anyone looking for their first One Bedroom open concept Condo:)

So here are some of the pics of the place when I purchased it. Yes I know what you are thinking...you want to know who in the world makes that beautiful shade of green in the bathroom, it looks like something you might find in the inside of a babies diaper (too descriptive?)

 Should I keep that as my feature fixture....mmmmmm how bout no!

The Picture above, what is that in the corner you ask? Well these condos use to have pot belly stoves in them that were used as Fireplaces and this was the base which we thought was made of concrete but we were wrong, this was one of the only "Surprises" that was actually a good one as it ended up being much easier than we thought to remove.

Yes those are the thickest, Dirtiest grout lines EVER

Yes that is the green above peaking through, not sure what is going on in the picture below the paint really reads more blue than green which it was not it was VERY nasty green just like picture above and I have actually changed it to a blue.

This cultured Marble top will never due:) Silver Travertine my new favorite stone here we come!!!

Well no that you have seen a sneak peak stay tuned as I will be posting updates as construction continues:)


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