Wednesday, 26 October 2011


I thought I would drop you a few pics of the tear out that began about three weeks ago. My contractor/Father:) has been doing a fantastic job but I have been working him hard. He works out of town so really we have only gotten two weekends to work on the new place so I think that we have done a lot in a short time, especially when every time we turn around there are surprises that end up needing more work and take us more time.

The First weekend we were concentrating on just trying to get some of the tear out done as well as plumbing issues straightened out, and let me tell you how much my Father LOOOVVVVEEEESSSS Plumbing.
This picture below of him  jammed inside of a cabinet tells all and I didn't even get a picture of the good one as I was laughing too hard it they were all out of focus.

Ha Ha all I can do is laugh when I see this as I am replaying this in my head. Let Me Explain....
Well Rick, Aka-Contractor, Aka- Dad, is a weeeee bit afraid of Spiders and this house has been empty for a while so there were a couple large spiders hanging around.
So he had to jam himself into the sink cabinet in order to disconnect the plumbing and garbarator and to make a long story short there was a massive spider under there. It took him a while to get into the foreign yoga pose in the first place to fit himself under there, so that in itself was funny to watch. Then to see him squirming and panicking trying to get out from under the sink but.. ha ha ha ha ha ha, sorry I can't tell this story without dying laughing anyways you could almost see the fact that his brain was telling his limbs to move but he was totally stuck, panic stricken and stuck with black gunk running out of the pipes and a spider ready to pounce. Priceless
Stay tuned for more pics:)Hope everyone has a good night


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