Thursday, 27 October 2011

Sexy Fireplace

Hey all just wanted to share some pics of a beautiful home I got to see today, i don't always get to see the installed finished product. It's not completely finished but we installed the Kitchen counters which is a White Quartzite and the Full Slab Fireplace. There are two seams in this fireplace that I think we did an fantastic job on making them as invisible as possible, so gorgeous this is my new favorite stone as I am sure you will all seen in past posts, it is the stone I used for the flooring in our new offices as well as my own vanity and back splash in my new condo in the bathroom.  I love the horizontal veining and  unique coloring. The mix of oyster grey/blue mixed with  the rich taupes it's the perfect marriage of warm and cool. It have also seen it where it can be much greyer and I love that too.

Have a great night!!

 Silver Travertine


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