Monday, 31 October 2011

What have I done

When we started the Renovation of the new Condo I put together a couple of color boards because for this place I had to kind of think outside the box, I usually like more of a Contemporary style with clean lines and hints of bright colors but on this one I had to kind of stay true to the style of the condo as well as keep Resale in mind as I don't think I will be in this one that long. So here are a couple of the boards I came up with.
Below are some samples I was thinking of using in the bathroom. Cobblestone travertine on the Floor, beautiful honed and filled cream travertine with a slight vein on the Shower walls (not shown) with this Blue Ocean Glass Accent in shower and my favortie stone right now, Silver Travertine for the Vanity and back splash, and two different paint options. Neither of which I even ended up using.

The lower options are the wood (actually Laminate but shhhh no one can tell) that would go throughout the home and the Travertine tile to go in the entry, kitchen and bathroom flooring , Granite Counter tops, Cabinet color which is already installed and I am not changing as they are in great shape, the Honed Travertine is for Kitchen back splash. and the two tone paint colors to go throughout the home.

I did go with some of these options above such as the Laminate for Flooring throughout and Cobblestone Travertine for entry and kitchen. The kitchen back splash in the 1"x2" Travertine but I did a Mother of Pearl and glass mosaic mix for an accent.
My Tile setter is starting tomorrow so stay tuned for some updated photos.
Here are some of the Tear out photos from a couple of weekend ago.

Below picture is a bit blurry but there was this odd ledge that was useless so we cut it off and going to have it be a flush bar.

She's coming down!

 This had to of been the original carpet and they were built in the late 70's and the last lady that lived there well let's just say she looovvvveeeedddd her cats! All of them:)

Carpet and ugly tile be gone:)

Should be moving along good now. I worked this Saturday but Sunday I was able to go over and I finished painting the two Bedrooms as well as the Hallway and I had painted the bathroom the week before so should have some more pics soon:)


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