Monday, 7 November 2011

What will I do

The renovations are coming along, maybe not as smoothly as hoped. This weekend there was a bit of a snag with the flooring installation so didn't get as much done as hoped but it is coming along. So I thought today to distract myself a bit I would share with you a couple of pics I found of homes I loved. I will be purchasing new furniture so am looking to see what style I want to go with. I think on this home I am going to stay with a very subtle monochromatic color scheme a shabby chic style. This is quit the opposite of my much more colorful contemporary style of my home now, but it's time for a bit of change.

I love this rug I wish I was brave enough to use this in my space I am always afraid it will be too busy, but keeping everything else so calm and neutral it really adds the punch this room needs.

Absolutley LOVE this combinations of rustic aged wood with the beautiful gloss Calacatta Marble

Compliments of House and Home


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