Sunday, 13 November 2011

Which couch will I choose

As the renovations go forward there is much more than just the the construction stuff, apparently I have furniture to think about as well considering the furniture that I now have is way too large. The condo I am currently living in is a very open concept so although the new place is bigger the layout does not allow for the furniture pieces I have. Well.... I could move my couch and table but if I ever had any guests for dinner they would not be happy with the TV tray I handed them to eat off of because there would be no room for a dinning Table:)

I have spent the last couple days browsing online for furniture and there seems to be a problem between what I love and have to have and what my bank account says I can have, so today I went out on the hunt to see if I could find something me and my bank account could agree on, here are some of my finds.

Which do you love?


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