Monday, 26 March 2012


As our show room is getting closer to needing all of the Vignettes, I am a very busy girl. I am trying to find new unique ideas, combinations, and designs to fill these little displays of style.
There are going to be about 20 displays in total. This may not sound like a lot however because each one is it's own, separate room they each need to be completely unique and different from the others, and they are all visible from each other so here is where the challenge lies, in making sure nothing looks repeated or overused. Luckily this is my FAVOURITE thing to do, actually I love it so much I may be slightly neglecting the other areas of my job:) shhhh don't tell
This has been so much fun and I am learning a lot, being able to hone and practice my design skills.
This show room has been my baby for the last year and a half and now we have finally gotten to the fun part!!!, the Design:)
take a look at some of the great finds I came across in my search.

Heath Ceramics check out their site they have such amazing things 

Love the drama of this black tile against the white and stainless

green green everywhere

I have always had a sweet spot for hexagons but I especially love these for their size. You usually do not see them this large, and the color combinations are very unique and add even more character to a classic

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Waterfall Bathroom furniture Inmfall Bathroom Furniture

Ok so as you all  know I have undertaken quit a large project with our new Show room renovation which has been a year and a half in the making. Well here is the great part.... it's getting so close I can taste it:) We have decided to utilise what is done there now and we will be moving in this April, although it will not be 100% complete it is going to be fabulous. Things are really starting to move along and lots has happened in the last month. The funnest and most important part of the entire design is coming up now and that is the Show Room. This is going to be a series of Vignette displays which allows us to display a maximum number of products in the minimum amount of space.
These are fantastic for show rooms such as ours because it helps to show customers what the finished product will look like all together. Helps to give ideas on how to use certain colour selections, how to tie together everything from the flooring, cabinets, counters, tile and even lighting and plumbing fixtures.

In my search for some great unique pieces for these vignettes I came across the new line of bathroom vanities or "Bathroom Furniture"as they like to call it. This is the Waterfall collection by Artistic Tile. The great part about these just like their tile lines is not everyone can get these so they are unique to the dealers of Artistic tile so it's exciting for us to have some exculsivity in the market.

Take a look at the amazing products. This link will take you to their page and the best part is you can click on the style that you like and change the colours of the vanity itself or the inlay of it depending on the style.

Love this for a kids bath with the matching stool, cute and practical that almost never happens

Well I have the hard task now of selecting which ones to use. I would like to just use one of each:)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

New Blog design

Last Year flew by and it seems this year is doing the same. I have not updated since November and I do apologize but I swear I have a good reason:) With the renovations of my new place and the move, as well as a lot happening with the renovations/New Build of our new Show Room @ Graniteworx, I unfortunately  had to neglect something and it ended up being the Blog. So to make it up to everyone I had Little Blue Deer revamp the Blog and I love it!!! If you are ever looking for help with your blog and or website contact Shari from Little Blue Deer she is amazing to deal with. Everything was done quickly, paying attention to every detail no matter big or small.
Pelase follow along as I have some great posts coming your way!